Aylwin Lek | www.aylwinlek.com

As an independent photographer based in Singapore, he specializes in the fields of Corporate Lifestyle and Commercial Products & Services photography. This helps to deliver a radical change in tact from the norm, always using intricate and intelligent shots for perfect portrayals. It’s always important that people can get a clear and distinctive sense of what a photo is trying to achieve.

With clarity and impressive detail, Aylwin looks to go beyond the scope of the normal photographer to find the hidden story within the pixels.

Professional Career

Aylwin has successfully serviced his clientele in the areas of fashion editorials, commercial products & services, corporate lifestyle portraits as well as landscape photography for private clients. This broad range of services and specialties ensures that Aylwin can provide a service that is suitable for just about any professional need or endeavour.

His experience over the years as a freelance photographer, and his knowledge of camera equipment and techniques has put him in the forefront of the industry. With a great commitment to never being left behind in terms of techniques and technology, too, Aylwin goes the extra mile to help clients get cutting-edge quality for any purpose required.

His proficiency in operating a professional studio and versatility for on-location photography has made him an invaluable asset to the local advertising industry. Whether you are looking for someone with an expertise in smashing still photographer or voluptuous videography, Aylwin can give you the image and the style that you need.

Also, he’s an expert when it comes to smart web design, so if you need a visually impressive imagery to help captivate your audience, Aylwin knows how to make that possible. Aylwin is currently a business partner and principal photographer at ALP Galleria LLP, a photography, videography and print solutions company for corporate purposes and means.

Away From Work…

Just some of the words used to describe Aylwin by his clients over the years includes charming, generous, humorous, cute, efficient, talented and insightful. Others consider him to be a sensitive, and considerate.

Most of all, though – he’s different!

It’s this difference and this attention to detail that allows Aylwin to stand out from the average photographer. If you are looking for someone with creative expertise and a passion for making a difference, Aylwin can be the person you are looking for!

When he’s not snapping photos of anything in request, he’s chilling at cafes and beaches soaking in the public life, out cycling or swimming, or enjoying tennis or badminton sessions with friends. Otherwise, you might find him at local live music events, showing everyone that his dance skills match his photography skills!