Aylwin Lek | www.aylwinlek.com


Aylwin Lek is an independent photographer based in Singapore. He specializes in the fields of Corporate Lifestyle and Commercial Products & Services photography.

Aylwin has successfully serviced his clientele in the areas of fashion editorials, commercial products & services, corporate lifestyle portraits, as well as, landscape photography for private clients. His experience over the years as a freelance photographer, and his knowledge of camera equipment and techniques has put him in the forefront of the industry. His proficiency in operating a professional studio and versatility for on-location photography has made him an invaluable asset to the local advertising industry.

Aylwin is currently a business partner and principalĀ photographer at ALP Galleria LLP.


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Likes Photography, Music, Movies, Tennis, Badminton, Swimming, Cycling, Chilling at Cafes & Beaches, Listening to Live Bands…